Friday, 13 April 2012

It's been a while....

Realised this week how long it has been since I posted on my blog!  Since I became a quitter on the photo a day challenge I forgot to log on!  I'm afraid tweeting has gone the same way too.. oops.. I've generally had enough of the computer by 5pm and I'm restricting myself to no, or very, very little computer usage at the weekends!

Not that I have a whole lot to write about at the moment, but I can at least blog about my tattoo news!

So, I am having a half sleeve done at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention (my parents will kill me, even though I'm 41 lol!)!  My tattoo will be done by Mark Poole who has his own studio Hoodoo Inc in Stoke on Trent - he is amazing!  He specializes in Neo-Fantasy and  tattoos one off, custom designs.

If anyone wants to check his work out they can see it here

I love Mark Ryden paintings.. well not all of them, some are a bit weird even for me!  But his paintings are begging to be tattooed. So my design will be inspired by one of my fave Mark Ryden paintings ... but will be a completely new design.. Mark Poole is just taking the basic idea really.  He draw a rough sketch for me at our consultation - which blew me away, I mean, I can draw... but not just like off the top of my head like that...

So here is my fave Mark Ryden painting:

Mark will be tattooing the ride, with the main girl, but she will be riding a traditional fairground horse, which will appear to be jumping out towards you, with the girl clinging on to the pole... it will be done in candy colours, I wanted pretty candy box colours since it is on my arm.. the background will be more a suggestion I think, with no outlines just colour..... and the main girl will look less fixed like she is above, she will look more animated.. that's the general idea anyway.. I've paid my deposit and have 4 weeks to wait :)

Just found a blog interview with the man himself, his tattoos on others are at the end of the blog