Monday, 30 January 2012

Photo-a-Day Day 153

Sweet.... as sugar

Photo a Day day 152

Storage.. my log basket

Photo-a-Day Day 151

Action...  Saturday's photo(s).. I'm a bit behind with my blogging... again!

Its a series of photos to represent action..... I love watching the birds flying around in the early evening, so hard to capture all the shapes they make though.... and my street isn't a picturesque setting either... :(


Friday, 27 January 2012

Photo-a-Day Day 150

Fruit..... (I didn't have any actual fruit in the house.. unless a bottle of wine could count!) an apple shaped calculator... I thought it was a better representation than Apple Ipod!

Photo-a-Day Day 149

Mother... well I never saw my mum yesterday, so I've had to use an old photo, which is slightly cheating I guess, since I never took it yesterday :/

Knitty Gritty The Finale!

So I finished the scarf last night.... complete with blooming tassels and everything!  Even wore it for walkies this morning!

Took photos last night, so the colour is a bit crappy.. but you get the idea

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Photo-a-Day Day 148

Something new.... so this is new in many ways... its new because its new wool.. I'm a new knitter... and its a new scarf... well it will be when its finished... its 3.5ft long at present, couple more feet should do it :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

5 Things... I hate

5 Things I hate:

1) Bleached blonde hair, extremely fake tan & that bloody awful pale frosted pink (actually any pale, frosted) lipstick... the look is awful.. why do you think you look good????? (erm.. brunette combined with fake tan and awful pale frosted pink lipstick follows close by in awfulness too)

2) Reality TV & most fly on the wall TV.. I don't care that you want to get out of the jungle.. personally I wish you'd stay there, the only decent Big Brother was the fictional set on "Dead Set" series... in fact if contestants got on Big Brother & were left there, forgotten about, not knowing whether anyone was watching, where their next meal was coming from, why Big Bro was no longer talking to them, I reckon I might actually watch.. then I think we may see some real emotions.. don't even need the added zombies then, just bung them in a house & forget them after a week and let the nation see how long it takes for cannibalism to set in... I reckon it could catch on.... I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than watch X Factor or Britains Got Talent.... are there any more??  Is it any wonder I never really turn on actual TV?!

3) "Celebrities" writing their autobiographies when they are approximately 10 years old... what happened to autobiographies that people actually want to read.. you know the ones, the ones by people that actually did something with their lives other than just got a boob job or married a footballer?!!

4) People who have to be near other people... for example, I went to the dentist yesterday... the waiting room is large.. it was empty.. a lady showed up after me with her very loud daughter.... she had a whole waiting room of empty seats... but she sits down next to me.. or rather she sits her loud kid next to me.. and she sat next to her.. I wasn't even sat at the nearest available seat to reception, I sat furthest away from reception, thinking I could read a magazine in peace...  this happens everywhere.. when I used to travel a lot for work, I'd buy a sandwich and park up at the empty side of the services car park, to eat and read .... 2 minutes after parking up, someone would park right next to me..... WTF!!! WHY!!!  What is wrong with people that they can't be happy to be alone for even 5 minutes, even among strangers!  I won't even mention my pet hate of the cinema.. I think I could do with hiring it out just for me!

5) Finally my regular pet hate.. people who don't clean up after their dogs... or worse.. clean up after their dogs and then leave the little baggy at the side of the path expecting it to walk to the bin on its own.. or even worse than that, pick up after their dog then fling the little baggy into the nearest available hedge/tree/ditch!!!!

coldwetnose: Where's my muzzle?

Very well said:

coldwetnose: Where's my muzzle?: Clarissa Baldwin was very good this morning on BBC1 Breakfast. So full of tact and reason. So difficult when the woman sitting next to you h...

Photo-a-Day Day 147

Food.... okay its not my food..... Turkey, Veg & Cranberry loaf cake cooling... ready for a customers dog's birthday.. hope he is sharing it!

Photo-a-Day Day 146

Something old.....

Spelter Racehorse & Jockey Strike-lite table lighter... it was my grandma & grandads... alas its a bit chipped

Friday, 20 January 2012

Photo-a-Day Day 143

News... I only buy newspapers every now and then when I need them for the fire!

Photo-a-Day Day142

Stone....the most interesting one I could find in the garden!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

knitty gritty pt 2

So I actually started my knitting yesterday...... and I knitted about 4" of my scarf (gorgeous wool btw so I hope it looks good when I've finished it.... coz I may actually want to wear it!)

Anyway at the 4" (this is an actual 4" not 4" as according to men) mark... I thought I'd have another sip of wine.... i was just sliding the wool down the needle to prevent dropping of stitches... and what did I do... dropped about 5 stitches.... yeah I don't know how either...... I tried to rectify this little problem... but it all looked a bit wrong :( So I unpicked the lot and had to start again :( The restart is at almost 2" now.... I better b more careful this time round coz I really can't see me starting yet again!!!!

Photo-a-Day Day 141

Phone... my lovely new phone... so much better than my blackberry... wanted a slidey slidey phone for ages :)

Photo-a-Day Day 140

Animal.... real or imagined .... well I really did try to take a photo of another animal besides Tia...but the cows and the sheep aren't in the fields at the moment... so they were out.... no cats visit my garden (can't think why lol!)... one cat did run across the pavement in front of my drive (but I didn't have my camera to hand!)... and there were no other convenient animals around... so Tia it is!  But it is a different view of her ... she had her eye on me!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Knitty Gritty...

So whilst attending to my Pinterest addiction last week.. I spotted these Gorgeously gorgeous fingerless gloves and I wanted them oh so bad.......

(I was actually looking for fingerless Shearling gloves on the internet at the time... then I got pinning and the rest is history)

anyway I thought I'd buy them... then I realised it was a knitting pattern....... so I started browsing for easier options.. ie gloves already knitted that needed no more effort than entering a credit card number.... but I couldn't find any that I liked as much as these....... so I decided I basically have to learn to knit.

I bought a beginners book... it arrived last Friday..... I've looked at the pictures..... and vague recollections of my knitting prowess (from when I was like 10!) started to come back to me...and by prowess I mean slightly more enthusiasm than actual skill.......

Yesterday I bought a ball of wool and some knitting needles..... project one is a scarf.... theres no pattern as such its just like basic knitting stitch with chunky wool and chunky needles... tonight I may begin.. scarves without holes in them I believe are over-rated :)

Photo-a-Day Day 139


Sunday, 15 January 2012

This morning's chilly walk

and this was Tia last night

Photo-a-Day day 138

Something Blue...... Tia was actually off the lead... but when she saw me go to take a photo of it she thought she'd come investigate!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Photo-a-Day Day 137

Water..... okay quite a lot of water... taken on this morning's chilly but gorgeous walkies

Photo-a-Day Day 136

Speed.... okay this is such a terrible photo... but I was driving!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Photo-a-Day Day 135

Looking In.....

The photo below was my inspiration, found it ages ago when browsing Stevie Dacanay's website (Stevie Dacanay is the guitarist with Buckcherry)/... clearly his is way better than mine especially as Tia wouldn't even look at me once I was outside lol....  not to mention that his was brilliantly quirky and random.. whereas mine was my very uninteresting lounge window! Finally.. he is actually a good photographer... and I'm not lol  Stevie D

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

photo a day - day 134

So I tried to upload this from my phone... that was fun.... and 15 minutes of my life I will never get back... so back to the trusted way!


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Monday, 9 January 2012

Crappy ads.....

So whilst flicking through Elle magazine, I came across an ad for Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick.....

apparently it gives you "instantly smoother lips*"

That little asterix is v important.. as in tiny white print at the bottom of the ad it says....

"*vs bare lips"

I mean c'mon... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that when you are wearing lipstick your lips are going to be smoother than when you have bare lips!

Photo-a-Day Day 132

Something Red......

Photo-a-Day Day 131

Garden Visitor - this was yesterday's photo, today's to follow! 

Not a great picture, since can't see his face!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Photo-a-Day Day 129

Completely Still......

Photo-a-Day... Next set of new shiny rules :)

Next set of rules supplied by Littlemouse Lilly
  • Water
  • Something Blue
  • Dry
  • Animal (real or imagined)
  • Phone
  • Stone
  • News
  • Communication
  • Something you sit on
  • Something old
  • Food
  • Something New
  • Mother
  • Fruit
  • Action
  • Storage
  • Sweet
  • Father
  • Book
  • Tree
  • A water body (eg river, canal, lake)
  • Love
  • Leaf
  • Something pink
  • Significant person (eg historical figure, someone you admire, partner etc)
  • Flower
  • Bird
  • Clean
  • Machine
  • Paper
  • Wildlife
  • Calm
  • Film
  • Magazine
  • Transport
  • Numbers
  • Butterfly
  • Note
  • Cake
  • Game
  • Biscuit
  • Garden
  • Treat
  • Free Choice for the week (so that covers 7 days)
  • Life
  • Art
  • Handmade
  • Steampunk
  • Tissue
  • Something you have learned
  • Life, the Universe and Everything
  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
  • Horror

and some more from me...... 

  • A-Z - so that covers another 26 days.. this can be either something beginning with that letter or say something that is represented by that letter.. say H - Happy or a photo of deserted countryside = E for Empty .... you could also mix in things that are the shape of that letter..... like  a handle to represent "C"
  • Pick Something for a week... so you could have a colour theme, a shape theme, nature theme, feet/shoe theme... take a different photo each day that represents the theme
  • A week of Free Choice in mono.. all photos to be in black and white
  • hat/mittens
  • bridge
  • 12'O'Clock
  • Toy(s)
  • Opposites
  • Celebration
  • Bubbles
  • Something New
  • Street Life
  • Landscape
  • Fence
  • Grains
  • Farm Animal
  • Tools
  • Toothbrush
  • Bicycle
  • Officer
  • heart
  • Statue
  • Paper bag
  • Hot Dog
  • Stick your tongue out
  • Lifes a Beach
  • Surreal
  • Pasta

I worked that out as 124 days covered including Littlemouse Lilly's rules

Photo-a-Day Day 127 & 128

Day 127 - Breakfast.... so wish I'd had a fry up!

 Day 128 - Something Crunchy
Caught up again.... but still got to take today's photo "something still" ... what was i thinking when I came up with that rule!!