Monday, 16 January 2012

Knitty Gritty...

So whilst attending to my Pinterest addiction last week.. I spotted these Gorgeously gorgeous fingerless gloves and I wanted them oh so bad.......

(I was actually looking for fingerless Shearling gloves on the internet at the time... then I got pinning and the rest is history)

anyway I thought I'd buy them... then I realised it was a knitting pattern....... so I started browsing for easier options.. ie gloves already knitted that needed no more effort than entering a credit card number.... but I couldn't find any that I liked as much as these....... so I decided I basically have to learn to knit.

I bought a beginners book... it arrived last Friday..... I've looked at the pictures..... and vague recollections of my knitting prowess (from when I was like 10!) started to come back to me...and by prowess I mean slightly more enthusiasm than actual skill.......

Yesterday I bought a ball of wool and some knitting needles..... project one is a scarf.... theres no pattern as such its just like basic knitting stitch with chunky wool and chunky needles... tonight I may begin.. scarves without holes in them I believe are over-rated :)

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  1. I used to do a lot of knitting, years ago. My very first knitting project was a coatigan (coat come cardigan). Over the year I build up quite a collection of hand knitted sweaters and one Christmas everyone on my present list received something hand knitted! Now I have arthritis in my fingers and it's too painful to knit.