Tuesday, 24 January 2012

5 Things... I hate

5 Things I hate:

1) Bleached blonde hair, extremely fake tan & that bloody awful pale frosted pink (actually any pale, frosted) lipstick... the look is awful.. why do you think you look good????? (erm.. brunette combined with fake tan and awful pale frosted pink lipstick follows close by in awfulness too)

2) Reality TV & most fly on the wall TV.. I don't care that you want to get out of the jungle.. personally I wish you'd stay there, the only decent Big Brother was the fictional set on "Dead Set" series... in fact if contestants got on Big Brother & were left there, forgotten about, not knowing whether anyone was watching, where their next meal was coming from, why Big Bro was no longer talking to them, I reckon I might actually watch.. then I think we may see some real emotions.. don't even need the added zombies then, just bung them in a house & forget them after a week and let the nation see how long it takes for cannibalism to set in... I reckon it could catch on.... I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than watch X Factor or Britains Got Talent.... are there any more??  Is it any wonder I never really turn on actual TV?!

3) "Celebrities" writing their autobiographies when they are approximately 10 years old... what happened to autobiographies that people actually want to read.. you know the ones, the ones by people that actually did something with their lives other than just got a boob job or married a footballer?!!

4) People who have to be near other people... for example, I went to the dentist yesterday... the waiting room is large.. it was empty.. a lady showed up after me with her very loud daughter.... she had a whole waiting room of empty seats... but she sits down next to me.. or rather she sits her loud kid next to me.. and she sat next to her.. I wasn't even sat at the nearest available seat to reception, I sat furthest away from reception, thinking I could read a magazine in peace...  this happens everywhere.. when I used to travel a lot for work, I'd buy a sandwich and park up at the empty side of the services car park, to eat and read .... 2 minutes after parking up, someone would park right next to me..... WTF!!! WHY!!!  What is wrong with people that they can't be happy to be alone for even 5 minutes, even among strangers!  I won't even mention my pet hate of the cinema.. I think I could do with hiring it out just for me!

5) Finally my regular pet hate.. people who don't clean up after their dogs... or worse.. clean up after their dogs and then leave the little baggy at the side of the path expecting it to walk to the bin on its own.. or even worse than that, pick up after their dog then fling the little baggy into the nearest available hedge/tree/ditch!!!!


  1. We all have our likes and dislikes, for me people dropping litter in the street just drives me insane!

  2. I hate the dog mess - I dont understand the effort in bagging it and the flinging it into trees or leaving it*. While banging on about the virtues of dicky bags on twitter (...again. I really do like them) someone said that they are expensive, well fair enough, but useful when on long walks (and so I dont have to deal with bag of poo in my face while trying to juggle camera and tennis ball). I also had a mini rant about the bag it and leave it brigade and someone told me that they know someone who does this but picks it up on the way back - ok so some do actually do that but most dont and either way its wrong its littering (not to mention dangerous, nasty harmful stuff in dog poo) and illegal most councils have the power to issue fixed penalty notices (like parking tickets) so that bag of poo could cost £1000 so why do it? Bag it bin it - if you have a long walk have a bag of some kind, put it in your pocket or just grow up!

    *apparently some dog owners consider this a protest to their local councils that there are not enough bins - if there is no bin take it home you morons and put it in your rubbish bin

    Sorry mini rant over - its a subject that always gets me started.

    Oh and I dont like the fake tan thing - far to 'common' (I can be a bit of a snob at times)hehe