Tuesday, 3 January 2012

December Books

Okay so December has been a month of A Song of Ice & Fire by George RR Martin.

Book 2 - A Clash of Kings

Book 3 - Part 1 - A Storm of Swords : Steel & Snow
               Part 2 - A Storm of Swords : Blood & Gold

Book 4 - A Feast for Crows (I'm halfway through this one.)

All of these get 5 out of 5... I can't put them down.. its completely book heaven.. and with my Christmas vouchers I bought the huge 1000 page Book 5 A Dance with Dragons.  Alas he hasn't finished writing Book 6 yet.... he needs to write faster!!!

..... and when I've read them all... I may just start right back from the beginning again..... possibly the best books I've ever read - I completely feel for certain characters - Jon Snow is my favourite, but also little Bran & Arya and also Tyrion.  The books are told in chapters featuring a perspective of different characters, so some chapters run parallel.. I live Westeros!  Its full of evil, double crossing characters and then the downtrodden fighting to survive, its bloody brilliant!


  1. Tyrion is my fave and Arya with her 'needlework' as we all know I do like a bit of needlework hehe. But have also started to get more respect of Sansa. Love these books and the TV show - I have yet to start book 4

  2. Brilliant aren't they, i like tyrion & arya too, but Jon snow is my fave . nearly finished book 4, theres not much of Jon in it so looking fwd to book 5 :)