Saturday, 25 February 2012

Get Knitted

So a few weeks ago I couldn't knit a thing.... so far I've knitted two scarves... the second one, I've copied an image I saw on Pinterest.. its like a short scarf, that wraps round your neck and secured with a button.... except I've knitted a flower that I'm going to attach to a large button and then sew it onto the scarf... not got a button yet, so will put a picture up when I have... anyway scarves were easy really... so I thought I better start and progress.. and I have just knitted my first item to a knitting pattern! 

They are fingerless wrist warmers... which was actually the item that made me want to learn to knit in the first place after seeing a knitting pattern on pinterest and realising that if I wanted them I'd have to knit them myself!  Anyway the ones I've knitted aren't to this original pattern that I saw, I actually bought a Paton's knitting pattern book to match the wool I fell in love with in Dunelm!  I've knitted the first wrist warmer, started it Thursday evening and finished it this morning... okay so it was to a pattern but it was an incredibly easy pattern.. I've looked at the other patterns in the book and most confuse me!  But these I love :)


  1. Wow, very gorgeous! I have just picked up my needles for the first time in about 4 years too - must be something in the air!

  2. I used to knit all the time and my cupboards were overrun with sweaters from really complicated patterns. Haven't knitted for years now. Love your wrist warmer.