Monday, 7 November 2011

Dog Photo Competition

 Tailwags and Treats are doing a Christmas Dog Photo Competition, all you have to do is visit and 'like' my facebook page:

You then post a photo of your dog, doesn't have to be posed, can be random pooch mentalness.  The winner gets 4 x Christmas (wheat free and gluten free) Turkey, Veg & Cranberry muffins.

The competition will be judged by my mate so no dogs can bribe me with extra tailwags and puppy dog eyes.. also Tia and other employees (Bridie, Frankie & Diesel) aren't allowed to enter..... if they could have though, here would be their entries.......
Tia.... young and looking a bit ridiculous really

Frankie Claus

Bridie - Santa's little helper

Diesel .. I must get more photos of the newest member of the Tailwags pack!


  1. I could get my cat Lucy to pretend to be a doggie!