Friday, 4 November 2011

Rocking your world Friday

So this is my first one of these and I'm not really sure what I'm doing.......

So a brief summary of this week....

Highlight of the week has to be not recognising my husband..... (we've been separated 10 years - married for 11)  Technically I did recognise him as an ex... I just recognised him as the wrong ex... I'm sure it could happen to anyone... well anyone who hasn't bothered to sort out a divorce anyway!  So plan of action for the coming weeks is start divorce proceedings.... I sort of forgot he existed from the moment I left him (clearly!)

Fireworks.... none around here so far, sure that will all change tonight... so Tia will be guarding my house thinking a war is going on outside.... maybe something good has come from the current economy... the out of work masses that can normally manage to find several hundred pounds spare to buy outrageously loud but completely pointless fireworks may have finally come to the conclusion they are a waste of money!!  Possibly helped by the fact I've not seen any in the local shops this year... wow, finally some progress.. now if they can ban the sale of fireworks for own use completely for next year, Tia will be very happy.

Archery this weekend, I've been so skint last month I've had to conserve petrol... but now I've been paid I can go and attempt to hit some targets with some arrows :)

Almost finished my latest pet portrait - a rhodesian ridgeback, hopefully will get it finished this weekend.  Will be putting my prices up soon, following a chat with a marketing lady, who says my value for money price is probably having a negative effect!  She did a price/value comparison and I am offering excellent value but possibly making people think that my pencil portraits are not as good as the people that charge higher sums.  I wasn't totally convinced, but she did show me some examples and not wanting to blow my own trumpet, I did see her point!

Finally, my blooming blackberry has gone a bit squiffy... the "n" key and subsequently the "comma" no longer work.. this was the first sign something had gone wrong, then the phone wouldn't wake up.. then it woke up but wouldn't type what I was typing.. it is still having its moments, but it is back in some sort of working order (apart from the N and the comma anyway).  I have three months left on my 2 year contract, and really think that phone companies tying you into a 2 year contract should guarantee the phone for the whole of the contract period!  I want an iphone 4S next and was happy to wait (my company doesn't offer the iphone at the moment) to switch to a different provider, but if my blackberry keeps playing up I may end up having to get new phone earlier and taking a hit on the price :(

Well that was a boring summary, my Monday to Fridays are pretty boring really!


  1. It wasn't boring it was factual and you found some positives which is what Rocking Your World is all about, they don't have to be amazing or life changing, they just have to be positive, they don't have to be positives for the masses just for you and that's what you've done so welcome to the tiny mix of Rockettes who spend their Friday putting a little positive on the last 7 day spin, it can be anything and everything a short post a long post, anything that has made you smile or made your heart lighter. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend

    Much Hugs

  2. Did have a chuckle at the story about your husband!

    Think you may be right about your pet portraits I don't know how much you charge but those I have seen online have been A LOT. But then aren't we all guilty of underselling ourselves? It's hard to put a price on things.

    Fab to see another Rockette :D Hope you do it again!

    By the way - not boring at all, I am talking about a LIGHT BULB on mine for goodness sake :D

  3. Welcome to the Rockettes!!!
    I love your post...had a good giggle at the story about your ex!!
    And it wasn't boring....I'm so glad you found some gratefuls in your week.
    Hugs xx

  4. thanks for the lovely comments :) I still giggle about not recognising my ex haha!

    I will go visit all of your's now, the lightbulb is intrigueing me :)


  5. Yes I had a giggle too so thank you ! My Rocking post was very upbeat but I've had a good week ! I guess they can't always be like that !

  6. Please tell me you didnt go & call him by the different ex's name! From your profile pic you must have married young, & we all can change so much in looks in those 10years its totally understandable. Oops!

    Totally with you with the guarantee on mob phones, but then they couldnt convince us to add even more onto the price with insurance ;-)
    Mine & my OHs contracts are 2yr ones, up in 6 months & both our phones are going iffy. I've just bought a new battery for his (it was warping), thankfully it was dirt cheap but a common fault in that model when over a year old.