Friday, 25 November 2011

Whats rockin this Friday

Okay so things to be thankful for... its a gorgeous day, woke up in the middle of the night with rain lashing at the window, sounded lovely when I was in bed but hoped it would have stopped by early morning walkies and it had :)  Looks all set to be a nice sunny weekend... I am loving this mild winter, I hope it continues.. please no snow :)

I Can't Believe its Not Butter.. has a new taste.. and it actually does taste a bit like butter.. I only bought it as it was on offer.. and Clover now has a rival.. okay this wasn't exactly earth shattering stuff..

I've had quite a number of orders for Christmas Treat Doggy Bags, will be a busy little baker in December and Tia will be especially thankful

Still on the dog treat subject.. had lots of entries to my dog photo competition to win 4 x Wheat Free, Turkey, Veg & Cranberry muffins... the entries are all so cute, I'm so glad I delegated to my mate for judging, I wouldn't be able to choose!  If anyone has a dog and is based in the UK and would like to enter click the facebook tab above!

Reading Game of Thrones Book 1 at the moment and damn its good.. I can't put it down!  Hope book 2 is at the library for me to collect on Monday :)

Finally, I'm sure lots of people have seen the Benton/Fenton videos on You Tube, hell they've been on the news now!  I am thankful for the fact that when Tia did her little break for freedom last Saturday, she a) wasn't near a road b) wasn't chasing Deer towards a road and c) my screeching across the field wasn't caught on camera and broadcast on you tube!!!  Benton/Fenton has had over half a million views now, I'd have died from embarrassment!

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  1. Ha ha, another Benton/Fenton giggler!! I think a few of us have been in his position, haven't we (just thankfully without some smart alec filming it!!).

    The weather was a surprise today wasn't it? Pouring, no - bucketing it down - first thing, and now it's absolutely beautiful! Weird, but I'm not complaining. As you say, please no snow.

    I'll have to try the new 'I can't Believe etc' - I'm usually a Clover girl too.

    Have a great weekend,

    ps just gone in for your fb competition with a photo of Rosie Mae sleeping. It's what she does!

  2. The Benton/Fenton clip made me chuckle. Shame Tia's episode wasn't caught on camera ((wink))

  3. If it had, it would have had to have been bleeped out a lot! ;)

  4. Another Benton/Fenton giggler here too - thanks to a fellow Rockette :)
    Weird weather indeed...just keep the snow away!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  5. Only discovered Benton/Fenton via Jo and it did give me a giggle as well as a cringe - could so easily be any one of us doggy walkers!

    Clover has a rival eh? I may have to give ICBINB another chance. At the mo it's Clover all the way for me baby! LOL - apart from Christmas when I treat myself to some proper butter.

    Have a lovely week.