Friday, 11 November 2011

Rocking your world Friday

So what rocked my world this week...... other than the fact its Friday.. that's normally enough!

I've had 5... yes 5... people free early morning walks... this is a miracle... its rocking Tia's world too because she got to be off the lead the whole time in the fields, so she got to run and get up to mischief... clearly I got the time spot on this week... if only it could be like that tomorrow and Sunday too....

I finally got to go to field archery club Sunday after three weeks away from it (due to conserving petrol)... can't say I have improved... I get gradually worse each week I think.... but I did come back with two more arrows than I went with.. which is a MIRACLE..!  Two arrows, one from my first ever set and one from my brand new wooden set, have been lost in the woods.. well the wooden one flew underground... but as promised they eventually show up and get posted back into the lost arrows box..... felt like doing a skippy dance when I retrieved them... I was beginning to think that my new value for money hobby was gonna be costing me a fortune in arrows!

Modern Family S2 has been rocking my world every night this week... OMG it is so funny... like proper laugh out loud funny not a tiny little snigger funny!

Amazon delivered a new shiny cookbook this week - The Kitchen Diaries by Nigel Slater... wanted it for a while and last month I was insanely jealous as I bought it as an extra pressie for my mum for her birthday, but in my new frugal (my arse) state of mind I managed to resist buying it for myself.... well I resisted for a month.. it is now mine all mine.. and I can say that the Cheese Smothered Potatoes (January 19th I think in the book) absolutely rock!  Also picked up Rick Stein's Spain... I love Spanish food.... well I just love food really...its the Chorizo and Rioja that do it for me.... not cooked anything from it yet, but the Salt Cod in Dried Pepper Sauce looked bloody gorgeous when he cooked it on tv!

Oh yes the fact my kitchen sink is finally unblocked after much messing around Monday night and then a nightmare of a Tuesday morning.... who would have thought water going down the plug hole could be taken for granted so!

Finally.. did I mention its Friday.. 'nuff said

I will leave you with what is quite possibly the happiest song in the world............


  1. A gorgeous list Kirstin as always, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for your Saturday and sunday walk, it's supposed to be nicer weather over the weekend, I'm just hoping someone turns the brightness button up because it's been far too dreary too long this week!

  2. That is a happy song, great fun!!

    Glad Tia has had some unpeopled-walks, I hope that continues. There's nothing quite like a dog getting off the lead and just running - sheer joy on their faces. Our dog isn't a 'walking' dog either, she's got to run or she doesn't think she's been out.

    The cookery books sound good, enjoy!

    Have a great weekend,


  3. Aren't we supposed to wear purple when we get old ? Fab song !

    I have a few Spanish cookery books & every now & then hubby does a recipe from them... they all taste like paella but we don't mind !

    I quite like the solitude of people & dog free walks sometimes but today I met everyone and even had to help an elderly lady catch her two naughty terriers who were playing up. I kept thinking this lady is going to have a heart attack and... I may get bitten !!!

  4. OMG....does that mean I'm old 'cos my winter wardrobe is mainly purple???

    Love your list...Max and I like it when he can be off lead too. :)
    The cookery books sound wonderful,,,,but do I really need another one?.....
    Hugs xx
    p.s. hope your Sat/Sun walks are also people free. :)

  5. You can never have too many cook books, I have like zillions... the cupboard will probably fall off the wall soon!

    Nope wearing purple means fun not old :)


  6. Sounds like a great week apart from the blocked sink. :)