Saturday, 1 October 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 32

Day 32 - What sums up home for you

So basically Tia sums up home for me, wherever we are.  All of my holidays are now dog-friendly ones, after my old dog, Buster, broke my heart by going OTRB I got Tia and decided that I'd prefer all of my holidays to be spent in the UK walking.  I used to love my holidays abroad but always missed Buster, after he died, I wished I'd taken him on more camping holidays instead of leaving him with my ex whilst I buggered off somewhere hot or away on work trips.. Buster would have loved the fact I work from home every day now, bless him (BTW I didn't go on that many holidays abroad then, but like way more than now!)

So Tia is generally completely bonkers, not entirely well behaved on walks.... full of mischief, happiest when soaking wet & covered in something foul that she's rolled in.. but she's my disgustingly gross, lovable, mental creature.

And here she is.... after trying to catch a duck by dive-bombing it (the duck was long gone), covered in drool and dripping wet... pretty much a typical everyday walk... (2 images obviousy as, she looked away as soon as I got the camera out!)

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  1. oh boy, you can't show me these "girls" :)))