Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A-Z of me, me, me

Found this on another blog and thought I'd fill it in because I love these things!

A-Age:   41
B-Bed size: Oversized double from Ikea

C-Chore that you hate: Weeding the garden I think is the worst chore

D-Dogs:  Just the one, which I'm sure just about everyone that follows me knows about by now... but if you don't here is my little baby looking goofy... which is kinda normal:
E-Essential start to your day: Early morning walk with above little menace.. its basically the first thing I do every morning after I've thrown some clothes on!

F-Favourite Colour: Green... especially Olive Green, Lime Green & Apple Green

G-Gold or silver: Silver.... I don't like gold
H-Height:  5ft 6in
I-Instruments you play: erm I could play the recorder when I was at school... now I play nothing at all.. I'd love to play the guitar, but I tried playing the opening notes to an AC/DC track and I struggled to get my fingers to do what they were told!

J-Job title: Advertising Manager... but I'd like to have no job title as I'd like to just work for myself making delightful doggy treats for the whole country's doggy population.. alas I generally wake up and realise this is not going to pay the bills :(

K-Kids: No thanks

L-Live: Derbyshire
M-Mothers name: Christine
N-Nicknames: I'm generally called Kirst or for the really lazy just K.. so no nicknames as such

O-Overnight hospital stays: Never
P-Pet peeves: Okay this could be a long one... I hate Reality TV - I don't do Big Bro, X Factor or I'm a Celebrity... I can't understand why anyone would watch them to be honest!  Having said that I do like Strictly.. but only because of the dresses.. the fact I don't know who half of the "celebrities" are usually winds me up!  I hate animal cruelty, racism & the excessive use of fireworks (one night a year I can live with.. three months of I can't!).  People not cleaning up after their dogs also does my head in!  I hate the neediness of people.. yes I can be a bit anti-social, I'm perfectly okay with my own company and I hate it when you sit in a cafe, park up somewhere for lunch, whatever and someone has to sit down right next to you, park next to you etc.. if there are plenty of other places to be why do these people have to choose to be near me!

Q-Quote from a movie: "I move my finger one inch to use my turn signal. Why are these assholes so lazy they can't move their finger one fucking measly inch to drive more safely?"
Grumpy & funny
R-Right or left handed: Right

S-Siblings: A younger sister.
T-Time you wake up: I wake up naturally (I don't have an alarm clock) around 5.30am... I usually try and go back to sleep.. I never ever succeed, so not sure why I actually bother.. and then usually give up between 6 & 7 and get up dependent on whether its a weekend or not.  On the weekend I like to torture myself by trying to go back to sleep for a bit longer.. still always to no avail!
U-Underwear: Not sure what the question means.. yes I wear it... generally its black and always a g-string.... proper pants are damn uncomfortable!
V-Vegetable you hate: Think I eat all vegetables.. if I had to choose my least favourite it would be chunky carrots... thinly sliced are okay and I love them mashed with swede!

W-What makes you run late: I pretty much can't be late to save my life.. I'm always annoyingly early.. however when I used to travel the country to get to appointments, I was occasionally late due to ridiculous motorway hold ups.... but even then I'd have usually allowed an extra hour at least for any journey, so lateness was still very rare!
X-X rays you’ve had: Legs and ankles.. I'm ridiculously good at twisting my ankles.. never broken anything though, however I have now torn the ligaments in my ankles so often that I'm surprised I can stand up at all!

Y-Yummy food that you make: Everything I make is yummy.. I'm a good cook.... Tia would obviously say that my Rye & Banana Dog Treats are heavenly.... but when cooking for humans, I think the thing that gets the most praise is my Sri Lankan Chicken Curry... I grind and blend all the spices myself and it is bloody gorgeous... if I do say so myself!
Z-Zoo animal: Tiger I think.... they are so gorgeous, I just want to give them a big cuddle... I think this is probably ill advised.. they may look all cute and snuggly... but their teeth are a bit huge!

Look at his cute little smile.....

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  1. V good, think I'm going to do this post at some stage!