Sunday, 2 October 2011

Walk rage....

Set off for early Sunday morning walk just as it was getting light... thought it would be nice and peaceful and you would think, nobody around... didn't see a soul until I got to the fields by the river and then it appears everyone had the same idea...  So Tia's early morning run was thwarted.

I was able to let her off briefly in between people, but then I had to put her on the lead as a couple were approaching with two black labs that they appeared to have no intention of putting on the lead.. I diverted towards the middle of the field in case one of their dogs decided to run over, but thankfully they did call their dogs too them and put them on the lead when Tia barked at them.  I smiled in a 'yes, I know she's a grumpy little madam' kinda way and shouted morning... and they completely blanked me!   Ignorant buggers... and its me that's the anti-social-would-like-the-countryside-all-to-myself type person!

Anyway much as I hate winter, the highlight will be, most of the people I bump into during the summer months, appear to think their dogs don't need walking in bad weather.. which equals walk joy for me and Tia :)

To continue my early morning gripe.. I am so sick of the amount of leftover food thrown all over the pavements in the morning, I feed Tia, lovely healthy Burns dog food and make her healthy home-baked treats, only to have to run the gauntlet of junk food all over the pavements each morning!  She spotted half a kebab before I could drag her away the other morning, and had dodgy boozy man breath for most of the morning.  This morning it was chips and sandwiches all the way along the main road.. I managed to stop her getting any of it though :)

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  1. My worst is the type of owner who have absolutely no control over their dog, on or off the lead and while their dog is dancing around us with or without teeth bared, our border collie who is very good but a little timid with other dogs tries to hide behind our legs. Sometimes the dog owners apologise and make attempts to grab or control their dogs while others assume that if they ignore and walk away so will their dogs!! grrrrrr!