Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 35

Contents of handbag.... now in any of my old handbags which were the size of small suitcases, I would have had a lot more crap ... I mean, important everyday essential items stored away in them.... but my current handbag isn't exactly huge... so its remarkably empty!  (After I took the pic I realised I'd forgotten to take out the two lipsticks and my driving licence from the front pocket)

The handbag is a Christmas present (2011!) from my sister, she knew I desperately wanted a Joey-D handbag... she also knew that in true me fashion I'd just go ahead and buy one if I spotted one in any shops... so when she saw one when out shopping she decided to buy it for me..... but then she thought she better not wait until Xmas 2011 to give it to me or I'd end up buying one myself! 

And the contents are:

Cheque Book
2 x foldable M&S reusable shopping bags
Rape alarm thingy (doubt the batteries even work now!!!!)
Leaflet & Business Card for The Huntsman Carvery, Dunchurch (the best carvery in the country!)
Leaflet for Truth Bracelet Charms
Wet Wipes
Little sewing kit
Sachet of Garnier Body Cream... that I forgot I had!
(2 lipsticks & driving licence, not photographed)


  1. Oooh very interesting and tidy - I'm impressed!! Love the handbag too!