Monday, 24 October 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 55

A photo of your five things that you would take to a desert island... couldn't get all of these on one photo... not without seriously pissing Tia off anyway.. and she doesn't look too impressed having the camera stuck in her face again!!

Like I was ever gonna leave her behind!

I've counted this as one item..because its my rules and my desert island, I would also be taking a solar powered charger!

Decided it would be easier to buy a kindle then expect Amazon to deliver to my remote island on a monthly basis!

My bow and arrows....obviously I'd have to kill my own food... I'm sure at some point I'd get the knack of hitting it!  I'd invest in arrow making equipment too, so I can replace all the broken/lost ones!

This is not because I'm sad.. it would be turned off (no point having my beautiful deserted island if people can still ring me!).... but I may need it for my own personal delivery service that would replace books should I break my kindle, supply me with food should I not actually manage to kill anything etc

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