Thursday, 6 October 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 37

Today's rule is Obsession... I couldn't make my mind up what I was obsessed by... I mean if Jake Gyllenhaal lived down the road it would be easy... I'd be constantly walking passed his house trying to bump into him.... or is that stalking rather than obsession ;)

So anyway I have picked two things I can't live without - music & books.... I am obsessed by both at different times, I very rarely read whilst listening to music as I am not then giving the music full attention.. music is for when I'm driving, doing chores, cooking, sunbathing, working etc... and reading is for when I'm not doing any of those things!

So my photos are of my ipod, which has over 7000 songs on it and one of my bookshelves - all bookshelves are full, I have books all over the place really, one of my kitchen cupboards has been taken over by cookbooks (can never have too many!)

I pretty much hate going shopping... but stick me in a book shop and I could happily stay there all day... and Amazon is almost lethal!


  1. Ahhh, the iPod is the same obsession as my daughter!! And I'm with you on the books - always running out of bookshelves!

  2. it took me years to get an ipod as I loved CD's so much..... but when moving house and packing my zillions of CD's I finally saw sense! Sold all my CD's on Music Magpie after bunging them on my ipod and not looked back since