Friday, 28 October 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 59

Today's rule is Horizon... I walked the road way round to the fields this morning so that it would be light enought to take a piccy of the horizon by the time I got to the fields.. It was v foggy but luckily it lifted a little and I was able to grab a pic.

I guess today is going to be the last day for a while when I can get away with taking my photo a day on my early morning dog walks.. must find my blooming torch and Tia's twinklies ready for  next week


  1. So beautiful. This is my favourite kind of morning especially if the Crows are cawing in the distance.

    Glad you liked the lovely box full of dog treats. Jo is very talented & made this as a suprise for me and of course Dillon !

  2. Brilliant shot - you've captured it so well :))

  3. Nice pic. It's been a beautiful sunny day here today. :)

  4. that looks lovely such a lovely way to start the morning.