Thursday, 15 September 2011

Golwern Slate Mine (Blue Pool)

Some photos of the blue pool at Golwern Slate Mine.... Tia went loopy, running around and being generally crazy, surprised she never fell in..... kinda glad she didn't since I'd have probably had to go in an save her!!

Tia on left, Frankie on right

"where they going?"

Tia off to see what Frankie & Diesel are up to

Tia on mad run back to mummy

Loopy dog

Nearly there, Diesel in background wishing he could chase her

The tunnel into the quarry

Can't see the bottom, it carries on beyond


  1. that looks amazing and your dogs looked like they were having a great time. Where did you stay? I am always on the look out for great dog friendly holidays

  2. Blue Pool is fantastic, I went in summer too, but it was overrun by kids on an outdoor pursuits thing.. they had a zip wire set up from the cliff face and were falling in the pool.

    I was camping, stayed at Graig Wen, Near Dolgellau - they have B&B & holiday cottages too though, its really nice and completely dog friendly :)

  3. what a fab place, it looks as if it should be in USA somewhere. Brilliant images, the water looks so inviting to paddle.

  4. I know, I so want to go for a swim there, this time we had it all to ourselves, but it wasn't exactly a hot day! In the summer the weather was perfect for swimming but there was a zillion kids jumping in :(

  5. What a lovely place! Great photos Kirstin.

  6. Impresionante lugar, un sitio fantástico, bonitas fotos.


  7. Thanks very much, it is a gorgeous place, wish I lived near it :)