Monday, 26 September 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 26

Didn't blog my photo yesterday, so catching up!  I'm bored of green now, on this mornings walk I'd have liked to have switched to white, as Six swans flew by... I didn't have my camera though and I was concentrating on Tia, repeatedly saying "no", to ensure she never chased them.. scary I can read my dogs mind!

Inevitably one of my green photos, would have to be grass... so here it is


  1. i get a bit bored with the 365 project too, I know what you mean.
    good green photos though!

  2. I'm not bored with the challenge, just green lol! Its my favourite colour.. but I may be changing my mind now!! x

  3. Grass is good!! Inevitable I know - but still beautiful! x