Saturday, 24 September 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 25

Still on Green stuff.... I decided to take a photo of my muck boots... which I wear almost permanently in winter, Muck Boots are brilliant, they are cosy wellies basically, they generally keep your feet warm and toasty down to -20 degrees C.... I've never had cold feet in these.  This is my second pair, my first lasted brilliantly, but they had different soles meaning they were actually quite slippy in ice, so when they had worn out, I bought a different design with big chunky soles and so far I've managed to stay upright!  In winter I won't walk my dog without them :)


  1. Please don't mention ice and winter. :(

    Great looking wellyboots.

  2. Now they look comfy and sturdy, I could do with a pair of them!