Thursday, 15 September 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 15

Day 15 - Take a photo of a treasured childhood possession...

Think this teddy is almost the only thing I actually have left from my childhood (I have two more teddies - a tiger and a kuala, which are also very old), it was originally my mum's, she had it for her Christening, which must have been around 1950, so it is very old.  There is an old photo somewhere of my mum in her Christening gown, sat next to the teddy.  I did used to play with this teddy when I was little, but at some point it got packed away in a bag to protect it.  He now sits on my bed :)


  1. Oh he is lovely - and how nice that he has been past down (I have a little weakness for teddies my first blog post was about the one I made)

  2. Ohh, i had one too, my parents kept it and don't let understand...but he is in worse shape than yours (His name is BIN, doesn't mean anything but my mom says it was my first word!)

  3. You know, I'm not sure if mine ever had a name.... will have to ask my mum (who would be happier if I still kept it in a plastic bag!!)