Thursday, 15 September 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 14

Today I had to take a photo with the theme of "Time", which could be interpreted any way I wished.... well I took lots of photos - I took clouds moving in the high winds, trying to capture the movement, but I'm no good at this, too much light gets in, I've only successfully taken photos of movement when in very dull places!  Took photos of the tide coming in.. didn't work really either, took photos of a little bird, which I thought I could run as a slideshow capturing him moving.. if viewed fast enough... gave up on that idea too.. although I will blog some of the pics, as I also took pics of Tia running around on the continuous photo shooting mode, was amusing if nothing else.... so I settled for something old and disused!

We went up to Golwern Slate Quarry, which I visited in summer too, it is a disused slate quarry and has filled up with water, making it a blue lagoon, it is beautiful and had it been warmer I'd have been for a swim (I could have swam there back in July as it was sweltering day, but the place had been overrun by kids on an outdoor pursuits day!!!  Will blog the pics on separate blog anyway.  But here is the history (my interpretation of time) bit:

Golwern started life around the 1860’s. the slate was
carted via a steep winding path to the nearby river mawdach
and taken across to barmouth by boat. In 1871 an incline
was built to give slate an easier journey to ‘ground’ level.
Henddol, a neighbouring quarry, took over the workings
around 1890

This photo is of an old wheel base:


  1. Love the picture and it sounds like a lovely place. I have really enjoyed see how we have each interpreted time, and it certaintly makes you get your thinking cap on