Sunday, 4 September 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 5

Today's rule is a free choice photo, but I have to give three reasons for taking it... so here it is:

 So this is part of my extensive DVD collection, my reasons for taking it are:
1) Oh how I love my DVD's
2) Do I actually need this many DVD's?
3) I have way too many, never need to complain that I have nothing to watch and maybe I could be spending my cash on something a bit more useful in future


  1. wow thats quite a collection I am impressed. I used to buy loads of films but have since fallen in love with Lovefilm - that way I get to try before I buy, saved a fortune :)

  2. I did the lovefilm thing once before... it sort of made me buy more, because if I'd watched a really good movie and decided it was a "keeper" I'd have to go out and buy it.... I'm cured now honest ;)