Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 28

Only 1 day left of green after today :)  Happened on tthis shield bug by chance and he saved me having to think of something green for today.. yay!  Of course he wouldn't sit still and pose unfortunately, kept a-buzzing and a-strolling, so I settled on the two best images (one of which you can barely tell he was a Green Shield Bug, as the bright sky was behind him.. so took some more after he buzzed his way to the doorstep!)


  1. shield bugs are becoming popular with #aPhotoaDay bloggers. They are quite cute really, for insects that is

  2. I think they're quite cute too, I was going to try and get him on my hand (I've called him Stanley!) so that he wouldn't wander around so much, but couldn't decide if they bite or not!! (I have right rotten allergic reactions to some insect bites!)

  3. Snap!! That was my insect photo choice - lol! Must be the time of year for them!