Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Photo-a-Day Day 22

Today's photo rule is "yourself" which can be an image of you or something that sums you up.... well my hair is curly from damp air this morning and I haven't even put mascara on.... so I figured I'd go with an image that sums me up....

well that led to a bit of a stumbling block..

eventually I came up with my kitchen notice board... it is full of gig tickets, some photos including obviously Tia, but also my old dog Buster, who broke my heart when he crossed rainbow bridge. Also is a picture of Bonnie, my first ever dog, she passed away when she was 12 1/2 back in 2000 :(

Also is a photo of me with the one and only Mr Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden, taken at the airport on way home from Maiden gig in Trondheim, Norway (for those that don't know Bruce Dickinson is also a co-pilot for Astraeus and had flown me to the gig earlier that day (not just me like, there was a whole planeful of Maiden fans on Flight 666).

There is also a photo of the tattoos on my back, it is actually on the noticeboard as inspiration to diet!

I thought I'd finish the post with a few of the things I love:

Tia, my family, music - pretty eclectic taste but with a Heavy Metal bias, my ipod, my Bose Noise Reduction Headphones - ridiculously expensive.. but oh so good, my long early morning walks with Tia before work, drawing, my new fantastic hobby Field Archery, Iron Maiden, the sun, camping, history, visiting new places, driving, tattoos, reading, Thai food, cooking, Rick Stein, Jake Gyllenhaal, the smell of freshly cut grass, fresh veggies from the garden, baking home-made dog treats for my little angel (and other people's little angels), Early mornings, Hank Moody, All books by S J Bolton, Barcelona, Scotland, gigs and festivals, my independence

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  1. Wow. I think this more accurately depicts your life than a photo of yourself. Love the tatts!